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Shipping, Policies and Procedures- Please Review

Terms and Conditions

The discount tickets offered through Tickets 2 Fun are available only to registered member companies and associations. Illegal use or misrepresentation of the Tickets 2 Fun website, its' partner codes or passwords or the products and services it features for financial gain through misuse, consititutes fraud and responsible parties will be subject to prosecution by law. To register your company with Tickets 2 Fun click on Register my Company from the home page or email us at sales@tix2fun.com 

Tickets are printed with description and conditions, expiration dates, age requirements and some tickets provide attraction/event telephone numbers and website. Most tickets are valid year round and some have expiration dates. No refunds are issued on tickets not used before their expiration date. Inclement Weather -  Please contact the attraction prior to your visit when inclement weather conditions exist. All ticket sales are final.

Neither your employer or Tickets 2 Fun endorse or are affiliated with any of the products featured. Your particiption in any event(s)/product(s) offered by Tickets 2 Fun is completely voluntary on your behalf and your particpants attending. You assume any or all injury, loss or damage as a result of your participation in the event or product you select to participate in.

Tickets may be purchased online at the Tickets 2 Fun website (www.tix2fun.com) when the registered member company has been issued their partner code. Online ticket orders may be paid for with Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express. The name on the Tickeets 2 Fun web order must match with the credit used for making purchases. We do not mail or email orders with mis-matched credit card information. 





Your ticket savings is only the beginning. Our SSL protected website features up to 128-bit encription, our assurance to you and your employees or members when they order with Tickets 2 Fun their personal information is safe and secure. Rapid SSL, a leader in online site sensitive locations protects your purchases. Tickets 2 Fun will never provide email or other sensitive information about your account to others without your permission. When placing orders, members can click on the SSL certificate for verification. Tickets 2 Fun recommends only using websites displaying a SSL certificate. 


 Shipping & Handling

All ticket orders are processed and fulfilled the same day in which they are received. All etickets orders are processed 24/7 and emailed throughout the day. Final eticket orders are sent between 3-5pm. Eticket orders placed after 5pm are emailed the following morning between 5-6am.  Expect mail delivery of your order in 2-4 days for USPS first class or Certified mail for most Southern California locations. Allow 3-7 days for delivery to locations outside California.

Customer has the option to select USPS mail first class mail.(delivery not guaranteed) or USPS Certified Mail.(delivery guaranteed, recommended method

Overnight delivery is available (see below). 

Overnight Delivery Options

  • USPS Express Mail overnight delivery is available for delivery Monday-Saturday, Holidays excluded. Some areas not available for Saturday or overnight delivery. The USPS Express Mail overnight fee is $20.00 plus 4% processing fee. (delivery guaranteed)
  • California Overnight delivery is available Monday - Friday (No Saturdays). The California Overnight (ONTRAC) fee is $15.00 plus 4% processing fee. (delivery guaranteed) Orders for Monday deliveries to California, Arizona, Nevada & Utah must be processed by Friday at 3pm west coast time. Oregon, Washington and Utah are second day delivery.
  • All overnight orders must be submitted to Tickets 2 Fun by 3pm to ensure next day delivery.


All tickets, products and fees are subject to change without notice. In the event of a ticket or product price change, the vendor will honor the original ticket purchase price for admission to that particular attraction/event.


Original ticket order must be securely returned to Tickets 2 Fun to process your refund. No refunds are issued for date specific events, after the date of the event on the ticket has expired. All refunds are issued for the actual value of the ticket(s) less processing and shipping & handling fees. Etickets are not refundable.


Tickets 2 Fun hours are from 6a.m.-6p.m., (west coast) Daily. Eticket orders are available 24/7 including holidays. Contact us at (949) 683-6851. You may contact us by email anytime at sales@tix2fun.com The Tickets 2 Fun is located in Newport Beach, California.



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