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Terms & Conditions

The Tickets 2 Fun website and the products offered are for the exclusive use of approved member organizations by Tickets 2 Fun. As the registered contact administrator for Tickets 2 Fun, I agree to promote the products and services offered from Tickets 2 Fun to the employees/members of my organization. The Tickets 2 Fun program is a no-fee service to qualified member organizations. In addition, Tickets 2 Fun will provide at no cost, free promotional materials to assist the registered contact administrator in communicating to their employees/members, the Tickets 2 Fun discount offers. The Tickets 2 Fun program and its' offers are only for use by registered organizations and their employees/members. Any fraudulent solictation of the the Tickets to Fun website, partner codes or passwords by the registered organizations or its' members for financial gain constitues fraud and responsible parties will be held accountable.

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